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Meet Mary Drill

Certified Fitness Trainer & Exercise Physiologist


Mary has been a personal fitness trainer since 1988 when she established Body Mechanics by Drill, a personal training and fitness consulting business. Mary holds a BBA degree in finance and marketing from the UW-Madison and an MS in Exercise Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


She is American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified. Mary became a fitness educator when she launched Tools for the Trainer workshops and served as an American Council on Exercise (ACE) faculty member. She continues to mentor fitness professionals in business growth, exercise program design and client relations.


Mary also served as the primary fitness expert for the Women’s Health Foundation (WHF), a non-profit organization committed to improving women’s pelvic health and wellness. She continues to serve on clinical advisory boards involved in research, promoting health and wellness education, services and products for both men and women.

Mary sees clients of all ages and fitness levels and enjoys the challenge of designing customized programs to fit her clients’ lifestyle and goals. Her 25+ years of experience includes working with highly fit clients preparing for adventure travel, sports-specific training, joint replacement, chronic or intermittent back, knee and other joint pain, senior-seniors, obesity, pre-post-natal clients, de-conditioned clients, and those challenged by cancer, Parkinson’s and MS.


Mary has studied Pilates since 1998 and consistently incorporates body awareness, placement and core activation cueing from the Pilates method into all her client workouts. She is a proponent of coordinated wellness care through communications with physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists caring for her clients.


Mary believes each fitness session is an opportunity to positively affect her client’s quality of life.

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