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Mary Drill has trained me for over 20 years and as a result, I am stronger, more flexible and feel really good! As I approach 80 years on this planet I am grateful to be healthy and active. She has taught me how to manage the normal aging process so I can be fully participatory in life!

- Elise

Mary Drill continues to be my personal trainer for 4+ years. My conditioning has improved greatly as has performance in racquet sports as a result of our regular sessions. I would rate Mary as outstanding in terms of up to date knowledge on health and wellness, and her training routines are state of the art. I recommend her as a leader in her field.

- Frank

Mary works with humor, compassion, and her full presence. She enjoys learning deeply about how the body works and imparting this knowledge to help her clients function fully.

- Cathy

I have been working out with Mary for over 30 years and the remarkable thing is that I still find that I am learning new things from her.  She is completely passionate and committed to knowing about how to get the maximum results out of your workouts based on the most current research.   Mary knew exactly how to keep my body strong while I battled cancer and I know one of the main reasons I am physically healthy is because of Mary’s gift in understanding the mind/body connection


Mary has been my trainer for over 20 years. She is an outstanding trainer and is especially patient and positive. She treats all of her clients specifically to their individual needs. When I developed Parkinson’s, she made sure to learn all that she could about the specific exercises that would be most helpful to me. I strongly recommend Mary, as she is a wonderful and dedicated trainer.

- Jan

Mary is talented, knowledgeable, passionate and committed. Mary is truly world-class in every sense of the word!  

- Marlena

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